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Having your home or property unsecured and exposed to the elements greatly increases the costs to repair it, as well as lengthens the time it takes to restoring your life back to normal. Total Services Restoration offers emergency board up services to protect your home or office. We will act fast to make sure that your commercial or residential property is thoroughly protected from the elements, and vandals. Thus securing your peace of mind as well.

The Importance of Emergency Board Ups

There are many different reasons to board up a residential or commercial property after a water or fire damage loss, but we’ll highlight the most important reasons.

Protect your property from the elements

Your property can take more damage from heavy rains, high winds, and storm debris when severe weather comes in. Shattered windows, shingles ripped off of roofs, and damaged walls can allow rain, snow, wind and hail into the property – which can cause interior damage to not only your property but also everything that’s contained within its walls. The rising water can destroy carpets and warp the flooring, as well as severely damage your home or business’ electrical system. Mold is another danger to worry about. It only takes a day or two for mold to take root and grow in a flooded property, and it can leave to even more damage that you’ll have to deal with.

Protect your property from animals

It doesn’t take a large hole for a critter to get inside a property – just a broken window can let the unwanted guests in. Once inside, rats, raccoons, chipmunks, mice, squirrels, birds, cats, dogs, and other creatures can cause severe damage to a home or business. Not only will you have to clean up all the dirt and mud that they tracked in, you may also have to deal with the damages of them tearing up furniture and drapery, not to mention the gross clean up of any urine and/or feces they left behind.

Protect your property from vandalism

Sadly there will always be people who will take advantage of an unsecured home after a property loss incident and help themselves to anything and everything that is contained within the walls of your property. They could also cause even more damage by breaking things or destroying the walls with spray paint. The worst situation is that they will steal anything they can get their hands on: money, jewelry, electronics, clothes, artwork, and even pets. They may get away with the theft if your property is unoccupied and the security equipment is out from the loss of power.

If your home or business is need of emergency board up services, give Total Services Restoration a call today. We’ll be on site fast with all of the equipment and tools needed to secure and protect your residential or commercial property, not matter the size. We won’t leave the property until we have the building completely secured and protected from vandals, the elements, and animals. You can expect nothing but the best from professionals at Total Services Restoration.

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